what are seagull spikes used for

Seagull spikes are used in order to protect liner problem areas from roosting seagulls including ledges, parapet walls and chimneystacks. The spikes are tall and can be placed easily in the building. Bird netting is also used in order to get rid of wild and pest birds.

Why it is important to buy seagull spikes

If you are living in area where you are affected by birds then you should place bird spikes and bird netting in order to get rid of them. This is because the birds will disturb the atmosphere. The Birds sometimes also cause serious health problems. In order to stay safe and healthy it is important to install seagull spikes in your home and office. Different types of pest control products are also available in market which is used for seagull control. But in this case there are more chances that the birds get harm.

Bird netting vs. Bird spikes

Bird netting and bird spikes are two different methods of collecting birds. The installation techniques of both items are different although their purpose and output is same. Select the methods which is easy for you to implement and which suits you best.

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